Wine list Cantine Ravazzi

Here you find the entire range of wines and products of Cantine Ravazzi, description, features and you can buy directly online from our cellar

  • Classic Line

    Ravazzi Cellars

    The labels of the I Classici line represent the most traditional part of our company, are the historic labels born and grown under the careful care of Enio Ravazzi

  • Private collection

    Alberto Ravazzi

    Our Private Collection represents the continuous search for quality and beauty that distinguishes our path and our evolution over time.

  • Ciaccioni

    Tuscany excellence

    The Ciaccioni line represents the most feminine part of our company, under Roberta's attention great wines have been born that will amaze you

  • Occhio di Pernice

    Chianti Vinsanto

    We choose the best red grapes to produce our extraordinary Occhio di Pernice. Its amber color with nail with garnet reflections and its persuasive taste make it a unique product.

  • Not just wines

    Discover the other products

    Our stories do not end with wines but continue with oil, grappa, sparkling wine and much more. Discover all the Ravazzi products

  • Packs

    Fine wines in elegant wooden packages

    If you want to give the quality of a good wine, do it with a pack that is worth it. Discover our elegant and refined wooden packages

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