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È stato un vero piacere essere contattati da Louisa che racconta nel suo blog "Eating Around Tuscany" la sua passione per l'enogastronomia italiana. Vi riportiamo i pezzi salienti dell'articolo a noi dedicato e vi invitiamo a leggerlo completo su Eating Around Italy

Why Visit Ravazzi San Casciano Dei Bagni Winery

Ravazzi Cantina is a family run winery that has been in business since 1956, founded by Enio Ravazzi. We could immediately feel the passion and love Ravazzi has for making wine. [...]

My top reasons for visiting Ravazzi:

  • Family run for three generations

  • Wide selection of white, red, rose, prosecco and sweet wines

  • Free electric car charge with tasting at the winery

  • Kid friendly

  • Free wine tasting without reservation

  • Wine tasting in private villas in Southern Tuscany with reservation

  • Wine tasting onsite with local cheese and cured meats with reservation

  • Bottled and boxed wine for sale

  • Experience with overseas markets and clients

  • English speaking

Wine Tastings At Ravazzi San Casciano Dei Bagni Winery

One of the reasons we initially were drawn to Ravazzi were all their tasting options.

Free Wine Tasting At Cantina Ravazzi

Best For: Travelers with less time and looking to pick up some wine to bring home as souvenirs or gifts.

Ravazzi offers free wine tasting if you want to stop by without pre-booking. If, however, you would like a more structured tasting with local specialties, pre-book a tasting online.

Formal Wine Tasting With Local Products

Best For: Visitors who would like a more in-depth explanation and tasting at Ravazzi with local food products to accompany the various wines.

For a more formal tasting at their wine shop, pre-book a tasting on their website prior to your visit.

I suggest this for visitors who would like a longer and more complete experience. These formal tastings are more structured with the family’s various wines and local products such as pecorino cheese, cured meats and other snacks to accompany each wine.

Wine Tasting In Private Villas

Best For: Families or larger parties looking for a luxury and intimate experience.

Most recently, Ravazzi has implemented a new wine tasting formula at private villas in the Tuscan countryside. You can request their exclusive experience with a private yard overlooking some of the most beautiful Southern Tuscan countryside.

Most recently, Ravazzi has held private tastings at Pieve Mirabella (Umbria) and L’ocanda Rancioli in San Casciano dei Bagni.

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